Hide & Spook

Hide & Spook

Hide & Spook is a VR social multiplayer game for the Steam VR platform. As this game was created for the Global Game Jam we felt that using the unique features of the HTC Vive to create a social experience would make the game fun for crowds and groups of people.

Players each use one input peripheral from the HTC Vive, two players who are ghosts use the controllers while a third player who is trying to catch the ghosts uses the headset. The ghosts are trying to perform a ritual by lighting candles(Setting out in new versions), using the controllers haptic feedback as sensor to tell how close they are to the candle.  The Alchemist is trying to catch the two ghosts, to do this they must stare at them for a certain amount of time, it’s not  as easy as it seems because the ghosts are only visible when moving quickly. The alchemist must rely on all their sensors and make use of the spatial audio in order to catch the ghosts.

This project was made by a group of  four people, two programmers and two designers. On this project I was a designer. You can checkout the projects GGJ page for more info!

The game has been updated since the Global Game Jam with better UI and lots more features as well as being more stable than before, if you’d like to try the game download this version, Inside is a doc with more details on playing.

Please note that this game is designed to run only with a HTC Vive and requires a NVidia GTX 970 or above and a decent CPU to run.